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Stills of visual interface proposal
Proposal 1
Digital media

A few years ago, I began researching a project that would explore the further potential of networked, digital media to look at and translate information present in a story, that is, the words themselves, the patterns present in speech and sound and the encoded information in a digital recording or document. In a proposal for the Pilsen neighborhood in Detroit, a diverse neighborhood waging an ongoing battle against gentrification, I wanted to make visible the culture of the existing community (something that
seems irrelevant to the gentrifier). A user of this application could make a recording and log their location. This would ideally be a narrative or memory relating to the neighborhood. Information from the .wav file would be analyzed and logged, then mapped into a dynamic, generative visual representing a 3-d structure. The visual would be projected back into the space, a collective work built on the contributions of people who may have never met in real time, but have something shared. Through this visualization process, the syntax of audio would be “translated” to look at other layers of information not immediately present, constructing a “social house.” The lack of analogues between aural and visual forms would highlight specifics unique to each original form; the gaps forming spaces for new understanding and identification.