visual works > revised. 2010

revised. (excerpt)

30 sec
Installation view at Just Buffalo Literary Center
Ecopoetics 2010 launch event

An ongoing examination of the relationship between spoken and written historical revision and architectural space, revised. utilizes visual representations, experiential space and aural elements as tools of investigating how societal attitudes "spill out" into the very structures we use daily. The animation in revised. alludes to architectural renderings and planned “upgrades” to existing buildings. Using the background noise of urbanization and historical speeches, the audio acts as an external timeline of the changing beliefs and experiences of urban dwellers. The outcome of remodeling provides a jumbled visual history that can be “read” on the surface of the building, giving an outsider a view into the succession of occupants’ beliefs regarding their place in society. The house provides the necessary space for private life and public presentation, but also acts a lasting document of our changing social attitudes.